Who are Payji

Once upon a Payji

Payji was born with the united view of link minded individuals to reduce the transaction cost of traditional payments whilst at the same time trying to deal with the real grass root issues facing the industry as a whole.

Tried and tested over a near 10-year period, the platform has processed millions of pounds of transactions without skipping a heartbeat (>99.999% availability and a track record for real-time movement of funds), but the plan formed to put the technology to use for social good.

Rebel with a cause

The trademarked Payji name came about the idea of using emojis and symbols as a smart, secure and frictionless way of enabling payment ascent & pay + emoji = Payji. So, whilst Payji itself is a relatively young business, the technology (and some members of the leadership team!), have been around for some time.

Both, happily, have successfully reinvented themselves on numerous occasions over the last decade, to ensure the technology stack remains cutting edge and appropriate for today’s users.

And we will continue to evolve to remain at the forefront of the pay-tech industry.