Close to announcing an exciting new partnership

Payji is a relatively young business, albeit with a mature, proven technology at its coreÔǪ and a mixture of maturity levels across the leadership team. We have some fantastic discussions going on with a variety of potential enterprise customers, but one in particular that I’m hoping we’re going to be able to announce in early April who could hardly be more aligned with what we’re about.

We focus on existing customer ecosystems where our innovative e-Money technology platform can bring immediate benefits and solve real, often long-standing problems. And we prioritise opportunities where those benefits create tangible opportunities across local communities and economies.

The partner I refer to above sits squarely in our sweetspot, with an established brand admired the world over, an unquestionably positive and forward-thinking mission, and the ability to make a real difference for hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses locally, and millions beyond.

So I’m thrilled to be on the cusp of finalising the details of our partnership and then announcing the shared vision, which will do more to explain what Payji exists for than any words in this blog.

More soon!


Alex Booth, CEO